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Entanglements.jpgCaptain Rune Lambert knows better than to trust a woman. He spends his days making the right connections to further his military career until he meets one woman who will tempt him like no other.

Laila Vigdis finds the perfect man in Captain Lambert only to watch her beautiful sister steal him away. And Rune doesn’t object.

When war erupts, Laila’s family side with the enemy. Caught in a tangle of treason and intrigue, she’s fighting for her life. Will Rune be her savior or executioner?



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Hearts in Barbed Wire

HeartsinBarbedWire.jpgA solder trapped behind enemy lines

A nurse risks everything to save him

As the Kaiser's Army steamrolls across their country, they'll make a desperate bid for freedom. War will bring them together; duty will drive them apart. Can they escape the promises in their past or will they leave their hearts tangled in barbed wire?

Love’s Great War: Belgium, 1914


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GhostofaChanceWEB.jpgBrighid Garvey wasted half her life earning fortunes for others. Her daughter's birth changed her priorities. Aided by her grandmother's ghost, Brighid steals the night's winnings and slips into the slums of New York. She hides among the destitute until a midnight rescue provides an opportunity to escape. Everett Grey needs a wet nurse for his infant daughter. Brighid needs the illusion of family. As the train races west, her heart yearns to make fantasy reality. Will love triumph over distrust before the ghosts from her past execute their deadly plan?



Praise for Ghost of a Chance

 Linda Andrews tells an enjoyable story of overcoming the odds, finding a family and true love in GHOST OF A CHANCE. GHOST OF A CHANCE takes us back to a time where poverty was abundant, social status was everything, and the West was freedom. Brighid and Everett show that even those of different social backgrounds can come together on equal ground and triumph over anything. The character of Gran provides much needed humor to the dark, depressing backdrop of America after the Civil War. Once I got through the first chapter and got the hang of Brighid's Irish brogue, I couldn't put GHOST OF A CHANCE down. Looking for a heart-warming story to read? Then give GHOST OF A CHANCE, well a chance.

Reviewed by Tina Burns for The Road to Romance

A wonderfully romantic and hauntingly engaging love story, GHOST OF A CHANCE is one terrific read. Brimming with sexual tension and a plot filled with adventure, the book stands out proudly amongst its peers. Linda Andrews Tantalizes us with a tale of ghostly happenings and strongly budding desires that fans the flames of the human heart. I found the cast of characters to be strongly fleshed out and filled with wholly believable wants and needs, with plenty of action and villainous persons to contend with the pace never faltered. I recommend reading GHOST OF A CHANCE to those of you who appreciate a realistically written and well-rounded tale of paranormal romance. Published by Zumaya in 2003 the book is a specter to be reckoned with.

Reviewed By Joann Ruffen, Roundtable Reviews

I thought Ghost of a Chance was an excellent book. With characters you will fall in love with and a great plot, you can't go wrong with this story. The exchanges between Brighid and her Gran are very funny and sweet. The only problem I had, if you could call it a problem, was that it ended too soon. It was all around a great read, one that I would recommend to everyone.

Fiona.jpgSearching for her missing aunt and uncle, self-reliant American heiress Fiona Grey needs the reclusive Marquess of Kingslea to introduce her to the upper echelon of London society. But Kingslea knows her type—rich, spoilt and on the prowl for a husband. Despite the lure of intrigue surrounding Fiona and her missing family members, he wants nothing to do with her…until a murderer begins to take interest.

Can he live with himself if he turns his back on Fiona because he’s afraid to risk his heart?

Strong and quick witted heroines are always a favorite of mine, but when placed in a historical setting they tend to rise to the top of my Favorite Heroine List.  After such a promising start to the story I was really looking forward to the rest of the book following suit. I am glad to say I wasn’t disappointed in the least. -Kayla, Bitten by Paranormal Romance


All in all, it’s an entertaining read from the first fog-filled moment to the last romantic one.  For those who like tales of 18th-century England and the Victorian Era, it’s a must.--Tony-Paul

Gillian.jpgGillian Grey knows all about men and their desire for money. Aidan Baird is just a rougher version of all her other suitors-a man willing to put up with her dubious ancestry for a share of her money. Aidan's dream of obtaining a ranch requires a down payment in gold-gold he's willing to earn escorting his boss's daughter around the desert on a "botanical expedition." But Gilly isn't looking for flowers. She's hot on the trail of Jack the Ripper. As the body count mounts, Aidan may have to sacrifice more than money to keep her safe.

BriFrontCoverLR.jpgLove, lies, and an ancient Egyptian curse…

Brianna Grey holds the key to mankind's destruction.
Brianna spent most of her life dying until one man's kiss resurrected her desire to live. However, before she can get on with life, she must return an ancient artifact to Egypt before someone willing to commit murder gets it away from her.

For aspiring US Treasury Agent Duncan Stuart, love means death. He works alone, lives alone and plans to die alone…until he meets Brianna again. Under the harsh Egyptian sun, he will break all his rules to save her.

But will that be enough, given the secret Brianna knows that could get them both killed?

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