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When the handsome, if somewhat odd, professor hires her to house-sit for him, Molly has no idea she's about to enter a world she doesn't believe exists, a world where villains from the distant past travel across time in search of five powerful gems and a battered stuffed dragon shares secrets with her young son. Her life becomes even more surreal when her employer not only says he wants to marry her but insists on it--and Molly isn't about to argue. She needs to provide her son a complete family to keep her ex from gaining custody. Molly doesn't believe in magic and fairy tales are for children and people who haven't had to deal with life and its sharp corners. It may be that very unbelief that will not only shatter her new dreams but destroy everything and everyone she loves.

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Do you love myths and magical creatures, knights and good versus evil? Do you love a great love story with characters that will stay with you long after the last page is closed?--Long and Short Reviews


Alistair Eugene Holmes' life depends on his ability to pass as ordinary and dull. Blending with the university's students, he enters the archeology's museum with one purpose: Steal the Death stone one of the professors has unearthed. A moment's distraction by the pretty curator gets him tossed out of the museum. When he manages to sneak back inside, the death stone has been replaced by a fake onyx. Which of the three suspects left the taunting message written in black magic? The cocky Dixon, the manipulative Olivia or the love blind Hannah?

Adventure and excitement. For twenty-seven years, Hannah Jessup has dreamt of escaping her hum-drum middle class existence. She's spent years building exhibits around the musty collection of archeological artifacts to gain the attention of one man: Cooper Dixon, the university's answer to Indiana Jones. On the eve of the exhibit's opening, she is absolutely certain his proposal is imminent.

On the big day, Coop's failure to propose is exacerbated by the introduction of his new assistant: cute, seductive Olivia Palmer. She takes Hannah's place on the spring dig, at the exhibit's opening and insinuates herself into the romantic dinner planned for Coop's return. Irritated but determined, Hannah adapts to the new rules of the game by using Alistair to make Coop jealous.

Alistair readily agrees to Hannah's plan. As her beau, he can keep his three suspects under close surveillance. Too close, in Hannah's case. His heart ignores the pretense of their courtship and doesn't care if she loves another. Attempting to clear her of suspicion, he enters her dreams only to be seduced himself. The night of the opening, his nemesis attacks.

Unexplained fires, rats and cockroaches are just the beginning and soon the dying begins.


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DANCING IN THE KITCHEN is delightful, scary, and humorous with mystery and suspense but most of all it is a story of love. This one is definitely a “keeper”.
The Long and The Short of it.

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4/5 Hearts

This book is a great page-turner, one that I will add to my keeper list and one that I am delighted to recommend.

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Mystique Books 4/5 Moons

This was a delightful read. Funny, fast pacing and witty dialog propel the story along. It has just the right amount of twist and turns to keep you guessing and intrigued. Andrews also shows us that we should all be careful what we wish for. Often it is not what will make us happy.

I found myself rooting for the Clark Kent inspired Alastair and the "boring safe life" Hannah rejects in the beginning. He is a strong lead and many of the books best scenes come from Alastair, a true alpha pretending to be a typical guy. I also have to give props to Andrews for letting the readers get inside a cat's head and hearing what he thinks of the whole mess the heroes have gotten into.
Brilliant stuff.



One wish.

Kaylee was on her own long before the magical nonsense of the Knights of the Living Five deprived her of a family. Careworn and alone, she survives on the skill of her hands and the grace of her rundown farm until a greedy developer, a string of bad luck and overly bright star seduce her into wishing for something more.

One unforgettable knight.

Malcolm finds justice, peace and acceptance as a Knight of the Living Five. As the only Knight from the Twelfth century, he will claim the deposed tyrant’s empire as his own. On the eve of the final battle, Malcolm and his children are hurtled into a world embodying his every nightmare. As he struggles to return to the past, Malcolm wonders if Kaylee holds the key to his future.



4 Heart Review

A Knight’s Wish is a highly imaginative and exciting story with colorful characters that involve the reader in their fascinating adventure. Readers will find themselves wrapped up in the life of a woman that is alone and struggling. Readers will admire this spunky character for the way she stands up for what she wants. She is fighting against injustice from those more powerful and although she may not readily admit it Malcolm enters her life when she needs him most.

Malcolm is the answer to every woman’s dreams. He is strong and protective. He may be arrogant and although he knows he can have any woman he is loyal to the one that holds his heart. He can be intimidating when times call for it but he can also be kind and gentle. He will win the hearts of the readers and have them dreading that he may find his way back to his own time.

This story is filled with excitement and surprises. Malcolm’s sword does not become idle just because he finds himself in the future. Readers that enjoy a good fight and a damsel in distress will enjoy the frequent action throughout the story. There is plenty of violence and blood shed in this fight between good and evil.

The story also offers humor and plenty of romance as love grows between Malcolm and Kaylee. Their romance grows slowly from their mutual attraction with each of them weighing the consequences. Readers will sense the desperation and fear the time that may come when they are ripped apart by Malcolm returning to his own time. This emotionally stirring time- travel romance offers a little something for everyone. Readers are encouraged to look for A Knight’s Wish by Linda Andrews and add it to their reading list.

Anita, The Romance Studio

I simply loved reading A Knight's Wish and absolutely did not want to be interrupted while reading it. Watching Malcolm and his children adapt to this time period was entertaining, particularly Malcolm's opinion of vehicles. This was a fast-paced pleasure of a read, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys time travel, a dash of medieval, some paranormal, and a little comedy all set in a contemporary romance.

Kathy Andrico - TheRoadToRomance.ca
A Knight's Wish received a five angel review from Fallen Angels Review. Thank you Kim N!

**** Reading this was a delight. Seeing the travelers from the past adjust to the present was charming and the twist in the tale is guaranteed to make you smile. I hope that all five of the gems have a story connected to them. ****

Amanda Killgore, www.huntressreviews.com