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Autumn leaves aren't the only thing stirring in Pumpkin. Avalon Lynch has worked hard to escape her witching heritage. Everything she's ever wanted is within her grasp, until a visit home and a mishap with a skeleton binds her to an offspring of The Dugan, Pumpkin's equivalent of the boogeyman. Nicholas Dugan loves autumn--the changing leaves, the ripening harvest, the tricks played on Pumpkin. But a sinister Prankster pairs him with a sexy witch, and reveals his family's dark past and their cursed future. The question is which is harder to survive--the danger from the Prankster or his desire for his bewitching partner?

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"... an original plot that encompasses humor and some unusual paranormal elements." -- Amanda, Fallen Angels Reviews

"... Some Enchanted Autumn manages to engage the senses while eliciting smiles and the occasional chuckle throughout. "  Belle Dessler, Bookloons Reviews

"Linda Andrews has devised an original plot that encompasses humor and some unusual paranormal elements. The plot moves along with just enough action and mishaps to keep the reader guessing."

Amanda, Fallen Angels Reviews

"This delightful book is for anyone who loves a good romance with a little magic dabbled through. It's also a book that you will not want to put down until you get to the end. "Some Enchanted Autumn" is a thoroughly enjoyable book with witty characters and vivid descriptions. Ms. Andrews did a superb job."

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This is a great story, full of love and laughter during a Halloween never to be forgotten. -- Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio


Egypt Starr is on her way to watch ex-boyfriend number thirteen walk down the aisle--this time with her sister. Stranded along a deserted highway, she vows to stop looking for a Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet just as a leather-clad menace almost mows her down with his sleigh.

Artist Cade Dugan is a victim of his own legend. Inspired by his hometown, he crafts a ceramic village and peoples it with figurines based on the town's inhabitants. Unfortunately, his fingers conjure mates for these prominent citizens; mates who arrive almost exactly as depicted. On a bet, he crafts his ideal woman and finds himself hunted by a score of eager brides.

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Ms. Andrews has a good sense of humor and makes her characters fun to read about.  How can you not enjoy a book that has "Egypt got run over by a reindeer" on the black flap?  This is a lighthearted romance that made me laugh.  

Why not take a trip to the Christmas Village and see if the lights come on for you?--Jo Ann Hakola

"The Christmas Village is filled with lots of Christmas lore that keeps the reader enchanted and interested in the tiny town of Holly. Egypt and Cade are great characters, very interesting and three-dimensional. Just like any couple, there are issues that they have to resolve together in order to make their relationship grow. A wonderful secondary cast including Cade's parents, siblings, and dog; Egypt's pets and the town folks of Holly bring out the humor of the story, and help the main characters fall in love. The Christmas Village is the perfect story to cozy up with not only during the holiday season, also all year round, as its message of love and laughter reaches out to any reader." Reviewed by: Sarah W, Fallen Angel Reviews

"CHRISTMAS VILLAGE is one of the best romantic comedies I've read yet! Linda Andrew's characters of Egypt and Cade as polar opposites that attract are hysterical and heartwarming at the same time. Add a touch of Christmas magic and it's the perfect recipe for a delicious read. Don't let the title fool you, this is a great book for any time of year!" Reviewed by Tina Burns for The Road to Romance 

"Author Linda Andrews brings the holiday spirit to life in her newest story, THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE. The town of Holly is so make-believe that is seems too good to be true. I have to tell you that I immediately fell in love with the townsfolk of Holly, from the town gossip all the way down to Cade's dog, Pete. I haven't enjoyed a sweet little story like this in a long while, nor have I read one that touched my heart as deeply as THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE. Full of magic and love, this is the perfect book for the holiday season." Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today. Terrie Figueroa, Webmistress

"This was a great book with a magical ending." Kaleen, Enchanted in Romance